SEO-Friendly Web Design Is The Foundation For Small Business Growth

website design company Bruce County

If you have a small business in Huron-Perth, or Grey-Bruce County,  in Midwestern Ontario, competing with the bigger boys who have more marketing dollars is not easy. However, digital marketing is the great equalizer – a business of any size can afford it and can compete with even the biggest multinationals operating in Ontario.

If you already have a website that has not been giving you the desired results, the team at 519WEB will do a FREE audit and give recommendations on what needs improvement. We will conceptualize, create, launch, and manage your website if you don’t have one. Our team will incorporate several SEO techniques in web design to maximize your site’s impact.

website design company Bruce County

We will create an SEO-friendly URL by only using keywords relevant to your business, by separating terms with hyphens, and by avoiding overly long URLs. We create URLs that give people an idea about what your business is about. We will optimize images for search engines by keeping images between 30 and 100 KB with a 72 dpi resolution and by using image Alt tags.

All our sites today are responsive. This means a single site can be used on both desktops and mobile devices. This is not only good for SEO, but it also leads to improved user experience. Our design team will ensure quick navigation. We will place the navigation bar either along the left margin or at the top of the page. We will also create an XML sitemap and a CTA (call to action) that is prominently placed on relevant web pages.

Web Design for Local Businesses

We will use clean code to guarantee fast page load time. This is important for both ranking and user experience. After the web design, we recommend you use our dedicated web hosting service that gives you fast speeds, secure storage, and scalability.

Other than web design, we also offer other digital marketing services for greater hits and greater conversion rates. We have teams experienced in social media marketing, online reputation marketing, and local or national SEO monthly services.

Please reach out to us at 519Web for a free 30 minute consultation.  We care about small business. 

Connect with us, right here, we want to get to know you.  We want to understand your business. We can help you move forward.