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The 519Web, PinPoint Central Advantage

Let Us Handle Your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is critical, but as a small business owner you probably do not have the time to create and post eye-catching content. Our team of experts will do it ALL for you and dramatically boost your visibility online.

  • Done-for-you social media posts. We’ll research and create 2 social media posts for your business every single week.
  • We’ll post them on the platforms of your choice including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • Result? Generate more website traffic, leads and customers while taking social media marketing OFF your to-do list.

PinPoint Central Integrates With

We Take Care Of Your Website’s SEO

Showing up in the search engines is a critical factor that will help your business gain more customers online. However, SEO is a very complicated strategy to master. As a member of PinPoint Central, all the heavy-lifting will be done for you. Here’s how…

  • Done-For-You on-site SEO. Our team of experts will help optimize your business’s website to maximize the chances of you getting found on Google under keywords and phrases that matter to you.
  • Done-For-You Backlinks. We will continue to build you powerful backlinks and citations each month that will increase your website’s authority (which in turn will boost your search engine rankings even further).
  • Performance stats. We will also send you a monthly review of your website’s progress with all your critical local SEO performance metrics.

Increase and Automate Your Online Reviews.

Online reviews are critical if your business is to succeed online. In fact, 90% of consumers read reviews before making any type of purchase. PinPoint Central will help you track and manage your business’s online reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google and other platforms allowing you to…

  • Generate consistent and positive reviews for your business no matter what market you are in.
  • Quickly capture and eliminate bad reviews before they get posted online.
  • Automate the entire review process using professional email and text templates that will save you time and money while increasing your traffic and sales.

Enhance Your Customer Communications.

Did you know that the best way of building strong customer relationships, client loyalty and repeat business is by taking advantage of email and text message marketing? With PinPoint Central you can…

  • Use our powerful text and email tools to quickly and easily share promotions, sales or events with your customers.
  • Encourage repeat business which in turn will generate more revenue and help boost your bottom line.
  • Build relationships and client loyalty to keep your business at the forefront of your customers’ minds.
  • Use our professional Landing Pages. Take advantage of our done-for-you landing pages and email templates that will help capture new leads on your website.

Want a Sneak-Peak Inside The PinPoint Central Dashboard?

Our mission at 519Web, with PinPoint Central, is to give you the digital advantage you deserve with an easy-to-use platform and done-for-you solutions that will help you get found, get customers and get results. Here’s how it works…

Real People. Real Results.

I cannot say enough about Deborah Clarke and PinPoint Central!! I am extremely impressed with the service and the outstanding quality of work.  What can I say ... except, 'how did all of these people find us before?' Over 5,000 online searches discovered us! Of those 300+ called us,  40+ used directions to our studio and over 14,000 image views ... all in the first two months! Wow, this is all so amazing to me. To think just a little over a year ago we didn't have a GMB profile or a website! And, I wasn't even sure we needed one.   Deb held my hand through the entire process. She got me out of my comfort zone and BAM the most beautiful website was created! Now we are onto digital marketing and it's all working for us! I'm loving the social media posts and SEO for the website all done for us. What a time saver.  Our posts are on brand and well done! Thank you Deborah for everything you and your team have done for us! You have truly exceeded my expectations! 

Shawna Small, Owner


Don Carey Financial Advisor Sarnia Ontario

I accessed PinPoint Central through my login and approved the first three posts. Very professional, thank you very much.   I agree that just giving it a month is not going to prove it’s impact, so I am prepared to invest in the three months. After which we can review it again and see where we go from there.

Don Carey, Financial Advisor


Since We're Both Serious About Building Your Business, Let's Make It Official.

  • Quickly show up in local Google searches.
  • Rapidly improve your search engine rankings.
  • Generate consistent traffic, leads and revenue.
  • Build up positive reviews for your business.
  • Create, schedule and post social media content.
  • Share sales & events with your customers.
  • Boost your brands visibility online.
  • Take advantage of our done-for-you services.

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We Know Every Marketing Decision You Make
For Your Business Is A Big Decision.

These are the most common questions asked
by small business owners, when it comes to digital marketing and PinPoint Central.

Digital Marketing is also called Online Marketing.  It covers everything marketing related to sell your products or services online.  Essentially anything that uses mobile, computers or tablets to market or sell is considered digital marketing.  We have narrowed the field to these four core areas of digital marketing to get the most impact for your dollars:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) for your website,
  • Social media,
  • Communications, specifically email/text.
  • Collecting and monitoring reviews.

The greatest ROI (return on investment) for local small businesses selling products and services online is focusing on CONSISTENCY, QUALITY and QUANTITY of information you provide online.  The four areas of concentration that will give you the greatest return are:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) for your website, so when customers search for you, or products/services that you sell, you show up. Ideally you want to show up in the Google Local Pack.  Remember having a website that works for you 24/7 is like owning your space online.  Having a website that is not mobile-ready or SEO-ready is like having  a billboard in a desert.  Ensure your website is working for you. 
  • SOCIAL MEDIA. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Study where your customers hang-out on social media and plan a strategy to be there.
  • COMMUNICATIONS. Staying top of mind with your customers by email and text is important.
  • REVIEWS. You need to stay on top of review listing sites, like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor and there are more.  Negative reviews can impact your business, so you need to stay on top of reviews.

Manage these four areas of digital marketing with consistency, quality and quantity and your business will grow and so will your bottom line. 

The beauty of PinPoint Central is the combination of it being a platform to enable your social media strategy AND a stable of marketing assistants and SEO analysts working for you virtually.  All managed by us .. not you. 

How many hours will you (or a staff person spend)? Let's start with what you won't have to do:

  • So you don't have to train anyone,
  • nor do you need to be worrying about job descriptions, 
  • nor do you need to describe what your digital marketing person should be doing ...
  • not to mention how difficult it is to find one person who has this varied skill set.  

The amount of time you spend with PinPoint Central is totally up to you. We have extended service options:

  1. you (or your staff) manage the social media approvals; sending email/text communications and requesting & monitoring reviews.
  2. our staff at 519Web manage the social media approvals monthly, you only manage communications (email/text) and reviews with your customers.
  3. our staff at 519Web manage the whole sha-bang on your behalf.  

Talk to us to determine which service plan is best for you.

Deborah will work with you personally to get you all set up in the first 30 days so you can start seeing some results.

  • Set up all of your social media BUSINESS accounts;
  • Get the first round of social media posts scheduled for you to approve
  • Get the on-site SEO started on your website and start building out backlinks and citations.
  • We will help to upload your customer list, give it to us in any format and we will load it into the system for you.

Yes, all this in the first 30 days.   At the end of each month Deborah will send you an easy to understand SEO report with suggestions for the following month (ie requesting more reviews, sending email/text, etc).

The PinPoint Central team continues the done for you aspects of social media posts and SEO for six months.

Deborah continues to send you monthly reports so you can visually see the progress being made.

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Please ask.  We want to know what is on your mind, because we designed this Digital Marketing Dashboard specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs to make your life easier and to allow you to spend more time doing what you do best.   We have removed the overwhelm from digital marketing and added tools to make your life easier.  Reach out to me in my Kincardine office.


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