Unlock the Power of Customer Voice: How Reviews Can Skyrocket Your Small Business and Local SEO!

reviews matter guy leaving review on phone

Unlock the power of customer feedback! Discover why reviews are the heartbeat of business success, shaping reputations and driving sales. Dive in now!

Mastering the Digital Landscape: Your Guide to Top Website Builders for Small Business in Canada in 2024

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Navigate the digital maze with us. Discover top website builders for small businesses in Canada, 2024 edition. Empower your online presence. Dive in, make informed decisions, and transform your business today.

Comparing Local SEO vs Organic SEO: Advantages and Disadvantages of Each

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there are two primary types most businesses need to consider: local SEO and organic SEO. In this blog post, we’ll compare the two types of SEO, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each. We’ll also provide some tips for small business owners who want to improve their […]

Claim Your Bing Places Business Profile to Grow Your Business in 2022

Bing Places If you’re looking to grow your business online this year, you should claim your Bing Places business listing to make sure your business is found in Microsoft Edge local search results! We all know prospective customers search for products or services online when they are researching something they want to buy. But have […]

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Business Profile in 2022

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Top 5 Ways to Optimize Your Google Business Profile in 2022 Did you know Google My Business (GMB) is now called Google Business Profile (GBP)? Think about this for a minute … the last time you called a business, how did you look up their number to call them? If you are like me you searched the business, […]

Tech Strategy is Business Strategy

Technology Strategy IS Business Strategy There is a growing trend to include technical teams at the business strategy table. Why? And why is is this important for small businesses to know? In 2022, companies must ensure their tech team leaders have a seat at the table when business decisions are being made. In a Deloitte–Wall […]

What Hashtags Should I Use For My Business Posts?

Quick Guide to Relevant Hashtags for Your Business Before we start with relevant hashtags for your business, lets talk about what hashtags are and why they are crucial to growing your business online.  WHAT ARE HASHTAGS A hashtag is a label.  It’s a word or a phrase used following the # symbol that is user-generated […]

How to Conquer Digital Marketing in 30 Days By Focusing on FOUR Essential Areas

4 Essential Elements to Conquer Digital Marketing in 30 Days Are You a Small Business Owner Always Seeking Ways to Acquire More Customers And Increase Your Revenue? Wouldn’t having a social media team to implement a social media strategy for you Be SUPER HELPFUL! Wouldn’t it be great if your business showed up organically in […]

The Real Truth About Successful Websites

The Real Trush About Successful Websites

Without a doubt, life has changed. The global pandemic has forced many business owners to reconsider how they make money and serve their clients. Consumer behaviours are changing too, whether it is working from home, buying groceries online, or researching before purchasing, the importance of a digital presence has never been more critical. Many businesses are realizing the significance of investing in a quality website that gets results. There’s a lot of ways to build a website these days, but they aren’t all created equal.

Websites that Work

A common problem that we see over and over again with our clients is that they don’t even know what they need to make their website successful. Don’t worry, we are here for you.
We carefully collaborate with a team of professionals to create the best website that is fully optimized, strategically aligned and professionally written. We know how to create quality websites that build connections and make you money. And we can do it for your business too. You have better things to do than research plug-ins on a Saturday night.