How to Set Up, Verify and Optimize Your Google My Business Profile

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We know how overwhelming digital marketing can be.

It feels like a necessary evil, on top of everything else you need to take care of for your business on a daily basis.  

  • You are learning as you go;
  • Time just disappears;
  • You can go down a lot of rabbit holes (time suckers)
  • You would like someone else to handle it for you but you don’t even know what to tell them to do

We understand, so we’ve taken out the guess-work for at least one of those chores by preparing the VIDEO “How to Set up, Verify and Optimize your Google My Business Profile”. It’s a great place to start to help you understand how it will help your business.

You need a GMB profile to be found online … watch the VIDEO below and learn why.

We can help … join our Digital Marketing News, Tips and Tricks list!  No obligation, just good information.

Learn How to Set Up and Optimize a Google My Business Listing to Get Your Business on the Map

Other Resources

Plus, We Are Including a Step-By-Step Google My Business Guide. A PDF document for you to download and save.
It’s complete with clickable links to take you through the steps to set up your profile.
We understand and we are here to help when you need it.

Presentation Slides (PDF)

Get Found Online

Google My Business Guide

How to Set Up, Verify and Optimize Your Business’s Listing.
PLUS Tips Few Businesses Use (or even know about).

Are you overwhelmed by the thought of digital marketing, social media and website development?

Does your online presence fail in comparison to your bricks and mortar business?

Are you ready to grow but not sure how exactly to get the results you want?

Are you curious about how better search engine results could help your business? 

Are you worried about making your website AODA compliant for accessibility?

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