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You know what people say about first impressions. Your website is a vital tool for attracting and engaging new customers. It’s your unique brand, a way to showcase your products or services. It provides visitors an easy way to learn more about you, it tells them how to find you and how to connect with you. What does your website say about you and your business? Click here for more information.

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SEO is not just for big business. With local Google searches every business needs to take advantage of search engine optimization. SEO offers a visible and effective search presence locally, which can lead to a considerable increase in sales, profitability, and cost efficiency for your clients. Let’s talk about this! Click here for more information.

Our clean and optimized server, or host, enables lightning fast clicks, speedy updates, and high security.  We own servers in Canada and the USA. We protect small businesses by ensuring you are on safe, secure servers without spammer type websites.  Click here for more information.

Sure you can set up your own Social Media Channels, all it takes is time.  We will set up 6 branded social media business accounts, optimized for search engines, ready to start collecting followers. We will also make the first few posts for you on each.  Any idea how long it would take you?   It’s well worth the investment to have us set up, brand and optimize your FB, IG, TW, LI, Pinterest & YT accounts.  Click here for more information.

Hire us! Ideal for the business that wants a greater social media presence but doesn’t have the in-house staff or expertise and is looking for an affordable solution.  We will write a monthly blog-post using organic keywords to build all original content for you. Then we will deliver 15 posts throughout the month across the platforms we manage for you based on the original content.  So worth the investment.  You still make your random personalized posts, but we have you covered for SEO and building a following. Start communicating with your prospective customers, you will be surprised what you will learn. Click here for more information.

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The best way to expand your online presence is SEO.  Luckily, we specialize in Search Engine Optimization and SEO Images! Give us a call, or email us.  We will be happy to talk to you about how easily you can get your website working for you to grow your business in Midwestern Ontario!

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We will stay with you even after your launch. Our goal is to get your SEO-ready website generating traffic to your business, so you improve your businesses' bottom line. We will work with you to ensure your website and social media platforms are delivering results. We will offer next step solutions as needed to keep your website and online presence growing as an integral part of your business development plans. We will grow with you!

Our digital marketing services have helped Vicky solidify a business development plan that allows her to work from anywhere .

“I can not say enough about Deb and her business wisdom especially for small businesses like mine. She encouraged and supported me to finally get my coaching business out of my head and put it out into the world. Deb has the ability to help you narrow your focus and organize the content to create a beautiful websites as well as giving direction in using the different digital platforms. Deb goes above and beyond to work with you to launch a business that is truly an expression of who you are. I am grateful for this journey with her both professional and personally.”
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vicky m. | Health & Lifestyle Coach|
“When we started using SEO, our goal was to increase our visibility online and to get leads. As time went by, we tracked our customer behavior and noticed a clear trend. More often than not, when asked how they found us, customers said, “On the web.” It reached a point where a majority of our customers came to us online. This prompted us to cut most of our other marketing avenues — direct mail, radio, etc. We believe another big contributor to our online success is our redesigned website. Being in a business that’s about remodelling, we understand the importance of appearance — it can either attract customers, or send them away. Our new website showcased who we are and what we did, and helped convert visitors into leads.”
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