Lead Generation and Email Marketing
How to Build A List To Grow Your Business

Why should I build a list for my business?

A customer list for your business is an asset for your business.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you are running, having a current customer list and a prospective customer list, at a minimum, is crucial to growing your business.    We agree no one likes spam email, but everyone likes to have connections and when you develop a relationship with a customer or prospective customer, you are building a relationship that will keep you top of mind when they need your services.  You become a connection for them. 

Better yet, your ‘connections’ become outside sales people for you.  When you are top-of-mind, it’s easy for your customers or ‘connections’ to refer you when they talk to someone else who could use your services. 

It’s just good business to know your customers and to grow your customer list. 

And, let me tell you email is not dead!  [Read our latest blogpost story]

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What is Lead Generator?

A lead generator is simply something of value you can provide to a prospective customer in exchange for their email address. 

Lead generation starts with you ‘giving’ and your prospective customer recognizing you have something of value that can help them. 

So, a lead generator, can be almost anything. 

It could be:

  • a simple report (a PDF) that they can download for free.  People love ‘checklists’; or simple solutions; fast information to help them fix a problem. [See Example]
  • a video lesson.
  • a webinar.
  • a discount on their first purchase.
  • a quiz. >>See Example >>
  • a free gift

Use your imagination, you know your customer what would be of value to them?

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