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Tech Strategy is Business Strategy

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Deborah Clarke

Technology Strategy IS Business Strategy

There is a growing trend to include technical teams at the business strategy table. Why? And why is is this important for small businesses to know?

In 2022, companies must ensure their tech team leaders have a seat at the table when business decisions are being made. In a Deloitte–Wall Street Journal Intelligence survey, 40% of CEOs said their CIO or tech leader will be the key driver of business strategy.

40% of CEO's said their CIO or tech leader will be the key driver of business strategy.


Why is it important for the technology team to have representation at the board room strategy table?

Technology teams can unlock creative solutions to:

  • get products and services faster to market
  • improve productivity by automating routine activities
  • implement solutions to keep your business safe online
  • grow your business online with automated or virtual marketing initiatives

“Why is Tech Strategy Important for Our Small Business?”

While you may not have a full IT or Tech Department, as a solopreneur or business owner with a small management team, you need to think about technology advancements as a key part of your business strategy.  Think about:

  • customer service
  • generating new customer leads
  • new customer self-serve trends
  • web care, maintenance, safety
  • accessibility to your business online (is your website accessible?)
  • digital marketing efforts, are they getting results?
  • automating routine tasks, like email follow-up 

Good news is … you don’t have to worry about tech strategy alone.   At 519Web, business strategy (tech strategy) is our gig.  With every web site or digital marketing client we work with we start with understanding and planning a business technology strategy that will work best for your business and your situation. 

Think about custom solutions that could help you be more productive, or more connected to your customers.

business woman thinking about next years plans

Deborah has the unique ability to recognize missed opportunities and works with clients to develop a customized business strategy, designed to attract more customers and increase profits.

We do custom work. 

Some of our custom solutions have helped clients:

  • secure confidential client portals
  • organize administrative shared folders, documents
  • set up sophisticated credit card payment portals
  • automate emails (even obituary notifications)
  • provide private admin access to a shared dashboard
  • collect reviews, comments and post them directly to product pages
  • printable purchase orders for easy packing, shipping
  • custom e-Commerce solutions
  • virtual assistance with social media posts, local SEO with an amazing custom digital marketing platform designed to help small businesses to conquer digital marketing.

We have a new custom solution to help you conquer digital marketing for your business. PinPoint Central is a digital marketing platform with an easy to use dashboard to show you exactly whats working for you and where you need to spend more time.   Four important aspects of digital marketing are covered with PinPoint Central:

  • Social Media
  • Online Reviews
  • Customer Communication
  • Search Engine Visibility

We have several packages available depending on how much of this you want to manage in-house vs having it all done for you.   For a very limited time we are also offering a free 30 day trial to get you all set up (and yes, we will provide on-site SEO done for you and 8 social media posts done for you, in the 30 day free trial)

Local Digital Marketing Success Story – Instyle Hair Studio

Don’t take our word for it, check out the amazing results achieved with a local hair salon in Kincardine, ON.  At the outset of COVID, InStyle Hair Studio didn’t even have a website.   See their amazing results in a short period of time.   


Wow, this is all so amazing to me.
What can I say except, 'how did all of these people find us before?' ... This is all so amazing to me. To think just a little over a year ago we didn't have a GMB profile or a website! And, I wasn't even sure we needed one. Deb held my hand through the entire process. She got me out of my comfort zone and BAM the most beautiful website was created! Now we are onto digital marketing and it's all working for us! I'm loving the social media posts and SEO for the website all done for us. What a time saver. ... You have truly exceeded my expectations!

Tech Strategy is Business Strategy

As we move boldly into 2022, it’s imperative you understand why tech strategy is the same as business strategy today.  But you don’t have to do it alone.   You don’t have to worry about hiring, training staff … or about the #greatresignation that is happening today.   At 519Web, PinPoint Local we are your contract resource for digital marketing and custom online solutions … we have the technology and resources to help you grow your business online. 

Put us to work for you.

Start with a free non-sales call with Deborah … let’s talk strategy. 

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Picture of Deborah Clarke

Deborah Clarke

Deborah has spent her entire career managing change. She was either growing a business from nothing or managing change within larger organizations to make a major shift in a new direction. As a small business leader, with a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in marketing, business development and accounting, Deborah Clarke brings 30+ years of hands-on experience to 519web, a full service digital marketing agency located in Kincardine, Ontario.

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