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The Authenticity Shift: Embrace Your True Authentic Self for Success in 2024

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Deborah Clarke

As we rapidly approach 2024, a significant shift is happening in the world of branding and marketing. Amidst the overwhelming information about AI tools and their increasing role in business decisions, one thing remains crystal clear: authenticity is the key to standing out from the crowd.

The Rise of Authenticity

Authenticity isn’t elusive. It’s not just a trend or a buzzword that’s here today and gone tomorrow. On the contrary, it’s quickly becoming the backbone of successful branding and marketing strategies. More than ever before, consumers are craving genuine connections with the brands they support and follow.

The shift towards authenticity is palpable across all industries. Businesses are now understanding the importance of showcasing their true selves, their values, their beliefs, and the real people behind the brand.

This transparency helps them connect on a deeper level with their audience, build trust, and foster long-term relationships.

Real People, Real Impact

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, the term “influencer” has had its reign. But as we step into 2024, we’re seeing a new breed of influencers rise – those who are unapologetically themselves. These video influencers are not hiding behind a carefully crafted persona. Instead, they’re sharing their authentic selves with their audience, warts and all.

And guess what? They’re getting more views, more engagement, and more loyalty from their followers.

Why? Because authenticity resonates with people. It humanizes the brand and makes it relatable. It fosters a sense of community and belonging.

For instance, consider popular YouTubers like Emma Chamberlain and Casey Neistat. They’ve amassed millions of followers by being open, honest, and real. It’s their authenticity that sets them apart and attracts viewers.

Insider Info: Emma started her vlog back in 2016 and still in 2023 she has amassed 54 million new views (in 2023) and 100k new subscribers (in 2023) and she only added 3 (yes three!) new videos in the whole year! She has a total of only 290 videos, 12 Million subscribers and over 1,623,256,703 (yes that’s BILLION) views!

Insider Info: Casey started his vlog back in 2010 (ahead of the curve) and still in 2023 he has amassed nearly 71 million views (in 2023) and 100k new subscribers (in 2023) and he only added 20 new videos in the whole year!

Definition of Authentic Self:

An individual’s true, genuine, and unique personality that is not dictated by societal norms or expectations. It is the raw essence of a person, free from pretense or artificiality. It’s who you really are … you shouldn’t have to ‘try’ to be you, or ‘try’ to be like someone else. The purest authentic self meaning is simply being you, unapologetically you.

Quote: Just Be You | Make Personal Branding a focus for you in 2024.

Make 2024 Your Year of Authenticity

As we move into 2024, it’s time to embrace your authentic truth. It’s time to strip away the facade and show your audience who you truly are.

So, how can you do this? By building a strong personal brand that reflects your true self and self acceptance. Your personal brand is more than just a professional persona. It’s a reflection of who you are as a person, your values, your beliefs, and your passions.

Sounds easy right? “Just be you” … but it’s not. Building your personal brand, your authentic personal (or business) brand, will take some coaching. It’s like anything else, we’re too close to ourselves to see our own brilliance.

Building an authentic personal brand is not a one-time event. It’s a journey. But don’t worry, the AMBSDR community is strong, and we’ll will be there along for the ride with you. Coach Chris, will be there to guide us every step of the way.

Special Offer: Build Your Personal Brand Online in One Month

This January, inside AMBSDR Coach Chris, (Deborah’s personal brand ambassador coach) is launching a special program designed to help you develop your personal brand online. This one-month intensive program will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to build an authentic personal brand that resonates with your target audience. For real!

Chris’s methods of teaching are different from any other coach I’ve ever worked with. He will walk you step by step through an ‘over the shoulder’ process, as he himself commits to build and implement a personal brand strategy for himself.

Don’t want to become a Vlogger? No problem (neither do I) … what you will learn from Chris can be applied to your businesses brand, or even how to brand yourself without ever being on camera.

  • We meet with Coach Chris in a Live Session every Friday (most Friday’s)
  • He has an agenda, with notes and shares it with us after the session
  • He works through the agenda showing you ‘how to do whatever he’s teaching’
  • He records his live sessions (so if you can’t make it you can watch it on the weekend)
  • He will give you ‘action steps’ to complete
  • Contests, fun ways to learn
  • In a month you will know everything you want to know about personal branding

But hurry, if you want to join us for these ‘live sessions’! If you’re ready to embrace the authenticity shift and make 2024 your year of success, reach out to AMBSDR today to get registered.

Remember, your personal brand is your biggest asset. Don’t let it go unnoticed. Start building your personal brand today and stand out from the crowd.

This is the form below ⬇️ is where you will enter your email … in the AMBSDR Program you also get a certification program to learn how to get paid talking about brands online … but INSIDE SCOOP … in January we are learning all about Personal Brands!

Still you get started by entering your email on this page ⬇️

Click the image to go to the real sign up page. | Just wanted you to see what it looks like 🙂

Ready to embark on your journey to an authentic life? Start now! Register by starting at AmbsdrABC.com

10 Authentic Self Quotes

  • “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown
  • “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde
  • “Authenticity starts in the heart.” – Brian D’Angelo
  • “Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have. It’s a practice – a conscious choice of how we want to live.” – Brené Brown
  • “The authentic self is the soul made visible.” – Sarah Ban Breathnach
  • “Authenticity is your most precious commodity as a leader.” – Marcus Buckingham
  • “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” – Carl Jung
  • “Just be what you are and speak from your guts and heart – it’s all a man has.” – Hubert H. Humphrey
  • “Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” – Eckhart Tolle

Developing Your Personal Brand Early in 2024 Can Be A Transformative Experience

Venturing out on a journey to develop a personal brand in 2024 can be a transformative experience that significantly enhances your health, wealth, and happiness. Living authentically and aligning your behaviors with your core values can lead to a surge in self-confidence, fostering a sense of self-respect and emotional authenticity that is deeply fulfilling.

An authentic life is not just about being the real you—it’s about discovering who you truly are and having the courage to showcase that genuine character to the world.

Embarking on the journey towards a more authentic life not only enhances self-understanding but also paves the way for meaningful and healthy relationships. It invites a world where behaviors consistently match with core values, fostering an environment of genuine respect and understanding.

Authentic people are a treasure; their character, steeped in authenticity, becomes a beacon of reliability and trustworthiness.

This journey is not just about self-discovery, but about creating a life that resonates with your truest self, inspiring others, and building a community that values authenticity.

Authenticity means more than just expressing your true self. It’s about maintaining consistency in your actions and values, even when faced with adversity.

This personal branding journey will lead to self-discovery and personal growth that can lead to healthier relationships, as authenticity invites respect and fosters understanding between people.

Moreover, when you live authentically, you are likely to attract authentic people who value your genuine character.

Imagine the profound impact of this authenticity on your personal and professional growth and the immense opportunities it could unlock for your future.

It’s not just an investment in your personal brand—it’s an investment in the authentic life that you truly deserve.

Personal Branding – Curious What It’s All About?

In 2024, venture forth on this journey and let your authenticity lead the way.

As you step into the new year, let authenticity be your guide, shaping your character authenticity, your relationships, and your life.

Join us inside the AMBSDR community. We are kicking off January 2024 with a whole month focused on Personal Branding … it’s a perfect time to see how Coach Chris teaches. He is totally authentic, teaches ‘over the shoulder’ you learn at the same time as he is performing the tasks you will complete too. Register by entering your email at AmbsdrABC.com … just get started!

It’s chapter one in your 2024 year, and the rest of your life. Join us, learning the in/outs of personal branding and so much more … is well worth your time.

But you’ve got to jump in now – it’s only happening for the month of January!

See you on the inside in the AMBSDR community – we have a great platform and community to work with. Go to AmbsdrABC.com – follow Chris’s crazy prompts – see you on the inside!

Deborah Clarke, is an author, her first book “Live Your Dream” was published in 1987 long before selling online became ‘a thing’. She sold her first 2,000 copies out of the trunk of her car, travelling the country speaking. Living authentically has been Deborah’s mantra. Along with ‘always do right, that will gratify some people and astonish the rest’.

Deborah joined the AMBSDR program to learn how to get paid by talking about brands you love with Coach Chris in June 2022. An avid writer, she started FAVReviews.com , a blog that reviews family friendly products for outdoorsy people and families.

Deborah Clarke, is also owner of 519Web, a digital marketing agency in Kincardine, Ontario, Canada. She understands first hand the importance of branding for your business and for you personally.

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Picture of Deborah Clarke

Deborah Clarke

Deborah has spent her entire career managing change. She was either growing a business from nothing or managing change within larger organizations to make a major shift in a new direction. As a small business leader, with a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in marketing, business development and accounting, Deborah Clarke brings 30+ years of hands-on experience to 519web, a full service digital marketing agency located in Kincardine, Ontario.

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