Tech Strategy is Business Strategy

Technology Strategy IS Business Strategy There is a growing trend to include technical teams at the business strategy table. Why? And why is is this important for small businesses to know? In 2022, companies must ensure their tech team leaders have a seat at the table when business decisions are being made. In a Deloitte–Wall […]

Why Website Maintenance is Important

519Web Recommends Monthly Maintenance for Your Business Website … Here’s 5 Reasons Why! You invested a lot in your business website, with the goal, to help you grow your business.  You are expecting it to be indexed with search engines so your customers and prospective customers can find you online. You are expecting customers will […]

Is Your Website Getting the Care it Deserves?

Your website is a living creation that grows, shifts and changes with your business. It requires care and attention and upkeep. You don’t just build a house and then forget to maintain it. Soon that house would become dirty or filled with critters, infested with things that shouldn’t be there. The same goes for your website.