A Professional Digital Marketing Firm Kincardine Ontario

There are several digital marketing companies in Ontario, some better than others. If you want the best company to improve your Kincardine website, there are several qualities you should be on the lookout for when searching.


The company should offer comprehensive digital marketing services. This ensures the campaign is seamless, it saves you money, and it offers convenience. At 519WEB, we are a one-stop-shop for all your online marketing services.


If you don’t have a website, we will design, create, and maintain one for you. Our web design team will create a responsive (mobile friendly) website, which leads to great user experience for mobile users. If you have one already, we will do a free audit to determine what is required to further optimize it, with the aim of not only improving ranking in SERPs but also increasing conversion rates.


We offer different SEO services to optimize websites, all White Hat. These include link building campaigns, content marketing, embedding long-tail keywords in Title Tags, XML sitemap creation, and several more.


We complement SEO with social media marketing. This allows you to leverage the benefits of social media, including sharing, instant feedback, and a wide audience. We understand that one bad review can damage your brand. We have an online reputation management service to curb this. We will also run a PPC campaign for you, including coming up with keyword phrases to bidding for ad space.


Yet another of our services is web hosting. With our fast and dedicated servers that are optimized for WordPress websites giving you lightning-fast clicks, high security, and speedy updates. The service also includes Amazon S3 weekly backups, instant retrieval system, and the latest themes and plugins.


Other qualities that make us stand out include our experienced technical and support team, and our quick turnaround time in all projects.

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