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What Hashtags Should I Use For My Business Posts?

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Quick Guide to Relevant Hashtags for Your Business

Before we start with relevant hashtags for your business, lets talk about what hashtags are and why they are crucial to growing your business online. 


A hashtag is a label.  It’s a word or a phrase used following the # symbol that is user-generated as a way to cross reference your information with other posts, photos that are attached to that same hashtag.  


Using a hashtag makes it easier to connect with followers who may be interested in your content or following you.

According to Later.com, using ultra-popular hashtags isn’t always the best strategy for getting more engagement on your posts and stories, as they’re less likely to be seen.

That said, it’s helpful to know what’s trending on the app, so here’s an up-to-date list of the top 49 Instagram hashtags based on usage over the last month:
#love, #design, #instagood,#interiordesign,#fashion, #inspiration,#style, #art, #smallbusiness, #shoplocal, #motivation, #foodie, #homedecor, #travel, #halloween, #photography, #beauty, #handmade, #food, #realestate, #health, #wellness, #selfcare, #fitness, #lifestyle, #home, #photooftheday, #shopsmall, #nature, #instafood, #supportlocal, #architecture, #skincare, #selflove, #vegan, #luxury, #healthy, #beautiful, #foodporn, #business, #entrepreneur, #linkinbio #fall, #interior, #foodstagram, #healthylifestyle, #adventure, #homedesign, #delicious
*Updated November 2021. Data based on usage within the Later app.  While popular, use these sparingly.

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What Type of Hashtags Should We Use
For Our Business Posts?

First, I want to mention you shouldn’t use the same set of hashtags with every single post.  Mix them up, depending on the content and focus of the post.  Think of your  hashtags as SEO (search engine) connections for your social media posts.


Location hashtags relate to the area your business serves. It might be a city, a town, a county, a region.  Mix them up from post to post .. think of the type of people who will may be following that hashtag.  What type of posts will they like from you?  Best content may be photos, quotes, services. think about what each hashtag audience might share.


Think of the different types of community groups that might be interested in your business, products and/or services.  Using a community hashtag, you have the possibility of being seen by members of the group behind the hashtag.  Make this an opportunity to potentially engage with the community group.

Some examples might be:  #kincardinechamber #goderichBIA #huroncountydev #mykincardine

These are Chambers of Commerce, Business Improvement Areas, Economic Development Offices, and depending on your product or service there are so many more (Eg. artist groups, theatre groups, any hobby group)  Think about where your target audience hangs out … and go from there.

Alone we can do so little,
Together we can do so much.

3.  Topic Hashtags

This is where you need to do a bit of online research.  Start by adding the topic of your post to a hashtag and see what else comes up in the tool you are using to make your post. (Example #digitalmarketing)

Alternatively, you can search in Google, ‘hashtags for digital marketing’ and a list like this Top 10 Hashtags may come up: #digitalmarketing- 100.00%; #marketing- 44.77%; #socialmediamarketing- 33.51%; #socialmedia- 31.58%; #business- 28.89%; #marketingdigital- 22.37%; #branding- 26.85%; #entrepreneur- 20.25%

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a good starting point when thinking of hashtags to use for your IG posts.

  1. Location, 
  2. Community,
  3. Topic

Additional considerations for Hashtags when making posts.

Consider your specific BRAND, and make up your own hashtag. This becomes useful to see all of your posts related to the brand hashtag in one spot.  You might also include the BRAND of something that you sell so your posts get included in the greater brands posts.

You can also include some INDUSTRY hashtags.  These help you to become an authority in your field, a thought leader, an expert among experts.

Lastly people love to follow FUNNY hashtags, DAILY hashtags (like MotivationMonday, ThrowbackThursday), and HOLIDAY hashtags, especially when connected to your location.


To finish off our post, we share some insight into how many hashtags should be used per post.   The maximum number allowed by Instagram is 30 hashtags per post.  A report by IG itself says 5-6 hashtags is sufficient.  But a recent report by a posting platform that has analytics with millions of posts, has indicated the optimum number of hashtags per post is 20.

So go ahead use your hashtags, and have some fun with them.


how many hashtags are best

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Picture of Deborah Clarke

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