Comprehensive Digital Marketing Wyoming Ontario

A website is an extension of your business. If you have a poorly designed website that ranks lowly in SERPs, potential customers will not find you and those who do will associate you with substandard products or services. This is where the team at 519WEB comes in. We offer different digital marketing services to increase your ranking and for greater conversion rates.


When you come to us, we evaluate your website FREE of charge and advise you on gaps noted. If you have no website, we have a web design team that will do everything from developing the strategy, designing, launching, and even maintenance.


We create fast, mobile responsive sites because loading speed is not only an important ranking factor, but it also impacts user experience and consequently conversion rates.


We will scan for broken links and build any broken links not only for SEO but also for improved user experience. Depending on your niche, we will post original research and industry studies to build you backlinks and to bring you out as an expert in your niche. We offer a variety of other SEO services like link building and XML sitemap creation.


To complement search engine optimization, we have a PPC (pay-per-click) service where we come up with relevant keyword phrases, look for relevant sites, and bid for space for your ads. We also do SMM (social media marketing) to tap into the growing use of social media.


If you don’t have a blog, we will create one for you and create great content for it. Alternatively, we will create guest posts and publish them in leading websites with backlinks to your site.


We also have a premium web hosting service where you are guaranteed fast speeds and scalability, thanks to our fast and dedicated servers. To safeguard your data, we do weekly backups on Amazon S3 which features an instant retrieval system.

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